Structural analysis services | CDGudas
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CDG will work with your team to understand your goals and your requirements first.   Once we understand what you are trying to accomplish we will gather from you the necessary data such as CAD models, physical test and materials data and relevant procedural information when the analysis or the simulations require the use of company specific methods.   Sometimes before developing and running the model for you it may be required to establish simplification assumptions, identification or customisation of numerical algorithms or correlating models to test.  The services provided by CDG include:

  • Loads development (classical analytical methods or FEA generated)
  • Preliminary sizing;
  • FEA based contact analysis with emphasis on the fatigue implications;
  • Bottom up hand meshing with clear rules for id’s of nodes, elements, properties etc. generated firstly as Nastran data decks;
  • External FEA model verification and provision of reports (Nastran or Strand7 datadecks);
  • Data processing for internal loads, displacements, stress/strains in metallic and composite structures or biomedical applications;
  • Fatigue strength evaluations and damage tolerance analysis (Afgrow);
  • Development and substantiation of concessions and repairs for primary or secondary aircraft structures;
  • Detailed part analysis and sizing with natural flow of calculations in Mathcad or in Excel using behind the scene VBA subroutines.
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